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Top 5 Plumbing Business Podcasts in 2022 

Staying up to date on the latest trends is essential for plumbers. Podcasts are a valuable resource, offering convenient, bite-sized chunks of information you can listen to on the go.

Staying up to date on the latest trends is essential for plumbers. You don’t want to talk to a customer and discover there’s something new you don’t know about. That doesn’t inspire confidence. 

But you don’t have a ton of time to research plumbing trends, either. You need a quick, easy way to stay in the know. 

In your quest to keep up, podcasts can be a valuable resource. 

They offer convenient, bite-sized chunks of information you can listen to while driving, working out, or cleaning your shop.  

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 of the top plumbing podcasts. We’ll outline why they’re worth subscribing to. Whether you’re looking to learn about new products or just trying to stay ahead of the competition, we’ve got you covered. 

These plumbing podcasts have something for everyone. 

Why You Should Listen to Plumbing Podcasts 

Plumbing podcasts are a great way to stay updated on the latest industry news, best practices, and new products. They offer plumbing professionals an opportunity to learn from experts in the field and hear about the latest trends. 

Because they’re available on various platforms, you can access them at home or on the go. They’re perfect for busy professionals who want to take things to the next level. 

Popular Podcast Platforms 

Podcasts are available in a variety of ways, both on your desktop and smartphone. Plus, podcasts are free. (You just have to suffer through ads.) 

Here are some common podcast platforms: 

Plumber on the Go Listening to a Podcast

The Best Podcasts for Professional Plumbers 

Now, on to the podcasts. We’ve selected these based on what will give you the best information while also entertaining you.  

We recommend that you listen to an episode or two of each. See which ones resonate with you. 

If you like one, keep listening. If you don’t, ditch it and move on. 

Podcast #1 – The Heating and Plumbing Show 

Hosted by Andy Cam, The Heating and Plumbing Show is a weekly podcast show covering a wide range of topics on the trade. You’ll hear about everything from how to keep your work van tidy to the pros and cons of using social media to promote your services. 

Andy digs into the latest plumbing industry statistics and trends, giving you a snapshot of where the industry is moving. He also interviews plumbing and HVAC tradespeople, which brings in a variety of perspectives. 

This podcast is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge. Peppered with stories, it’s very relatable. 

Podcast #2 – Potty Talk LIVE 

This podcast is for entrepreneurial plumbers. It’s hosted by industry veteran Richard Behney, aka The Million Dollar Plumber.  

Behney sold his company in 2017 after building it from the ground up. He started Potty Talk to share everything he learned during his time as a business owner. 

If you want to find out how to get your plumbing business rolling, this is the podcast to listen to. Topics include things like: 

  • What you need to know before starting a plumbing business to how 
  • How to set your pricing 
  • How to hire your team 
  • Establishing your brand 

You’ll gain high-value insights in every new episode. But don’t forget to check out the full Potty Talk library, too. 

It’s basically a master class on running a successful plumbing business.  

Podcast #3 – The HVAC Jerks 

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, you’ll appreciate The HVAC Jerks, hosted by Rick, Kevin, and Anonymous Joe. 

Rick is a long-time plumber and HVAC specialist and author of 101 Ways To Suck As An HVAC Tech. Kevin is a former hockey player turned successful service-based business owner. And Joe knows a thing or two about fixing a clogged toilet. 

Voted the Best HVAC Podcast for 2022, you’ll be sure to learn something new while laughing along with the hosts.  

Tune in to learn about HVAC and plumbing best practices, as well as the latest trends in industry technology. 

Assorted Plumbing Tools

Podcast #4 – The Authority Podcast: Plumbing & Mechanical 

Launched in 2021 by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), The Authority Podcast dives into the details of plumbing systems, sustainability, and industry trends.  

Hosted by Christoph Lohr, it gives listeners a view of the global construction industry and examines issues impacting society and the industry.  

Christoph chats with major industry players about industry trends and public policy related to plumbing, sanitation, and building design. 

Podcast #5 – The Plumbing & HVAC SEO Internet Marketing Podcast 

SEO experts Josh Nelson and Dean Iodice host a marketing-based podcast, The Plumbing & HVAC SEO Internet Marketing Podcast. They focus on marketing and plumber advertising tactics to help grow your customer base.  

Not sure what marketing tools are available to plumbers? This is the podcast for you. 

Topics include: 

Josh and Dean discuss how to use a variety of strategies to get more plumbing leads and increase revenue. 

Build Your Knowledge with Plumbing Podcasts 

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been managing a team for years, plumbing podcasts are a great tool for expanding your knowledge.   

They’ll help you stay on top of new technologies, best practices, and the latest trends. You’ll also gain a fresh perspective on what it means to run a successful plumbing business. 

Now that you know what podcasts to listen to, here are the next steps you can take: 

  • Download a podcast app. Whether you want to use your smartphone or desktop computer, choose a platform to listen on. If you have an iPhone, the Apple Podcasts app is a standard. Other options include Spotify and Google Podcasts. You can also go directly to the podcast’s website. 
  • Browse podcast topics before listening. Do you have a specific topic you want to learn about? Look at the list of episodes before listening to choose a topic that interests you. You don’t have to listen in order. Start with the info that’s most valuable to you. 
  • Carve out one hour to listen to your first podcast. Give yourself time to focus on your first listen to ensure you enjoy the show. You can multitask, listening while you drive or work out. Just be sure you’re able to give the podcast your attention. Don’t try to listen while you’re doing something distracting. 

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