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Top 6 Smart Building Solution Companies in 2022

Smart building solution companies are updating decades-old systems for the digital age—improving operational efficiency and reducing carbon footprints. Here’s what you need to know about this trend.

Smart building solution companies are updating decades-old systems for the digital age. They’re improving operational efficiency and reducing carbon footprints.

Modern HVAC systems use automated temperature control to reduce energy costs. Security systems use sensors to measure occupancy and detect carbon monoxide.

Smart building solutions are powerful. They make it possible to monitor and operate buildings like never before.

In this article, we’ll cover what smart building solutions are. We’ll explore why they matter. Plus, we’ll highlight 6 specific smart building solution companies. These organizations are setting the standard in the industry today.

What Are Smart Building Solutions and Why Do They Matter?

Many of today’s buildings are inefficient. They depend on multiple building systems, all operating independently.

When building systems operate in silos, close to 30% of a building’s energy is wasted.

Smart building solutions streamline building operations. All building-wide systems integrate into a single IT-managed network infrastructure.

Smart building solutions leverage internet of things (IoT) sensors and analytic software. The combination of technology allows building managers to operate systems in real-time.

Buildings Connected by a Wireless Network

Increased building effectiveness reduces energy usage and carbon footprint. Improved operations prevent expensive equipment failures and reduce utility costs.

Smart building solutions can improve air quality, regulate indoor temperature, and optimize lighting. They can even increase safety by detecting carbon monoxide.

IoT devices are more common and accessible than ever before. In 2021, there were 11.3 million devices worldwide, a number expected to almost triple by the early 2030s.

Smart building solution companies leverage IoT devices to reimagine what is possible. And they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

The smart building solutions global market is in good shape. It was valued at $53.54 billion in 2021. And it’s estimated to hit around $115.19 billion by 2030.

6 Smart Building Solution Companies You Should Know About

We’ve gathered a list of the top smart building solution companies in the industry today. These companies are leading the way in optimizing building operations and management.

1. Igor

Igor uses a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) based approach to creating smart and secure buildings.

Igor’s easy-to-use platform is called Nexos. It delivers lighting automation to residential properties and business owners. All devices connected to the Ethernet become data points to control and monitor.

Why You Need to Know About Igor

Igor’s PoE-based solution is impressive. It offers the advantages of a structured cable system and smart technology.

Their smart solutions can be used in new buildings and can be retrofitted to older ones.

Igor’s forward-looking technology works to support the next generation of intelligent infrastructure. They first introduced their Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution early into the pandemic.

Ultraviolet (UVC) light, while effective against viruses and bacteria, is harmful to people. Nexos pairs UVC light with intelligent controls. This allows for the safe disinfection of surfaces in public spaces.

Igor’s IoT infrastructure offers reliability, security, and scalability.

Website: igor-tech.com

2. Automated Logic

Automated Logic has been making buildings better for over 40 years. Their digital platform integrates all building systems together into one cohesive ecosystem.

Their industry-leading building automation system is called WebCTRL. It provides real-time visibility and control with a user-friendly experience.

Why You Need to Know About Automated Logic

Deploying smart platforms and integrating systems is one thing. But business owners, building managers, and residents using the technology successfully is another.

Automated Logic focuses on systems designed to be easy for all users.

Automated Logic’s centralized interface allows for unparalleled control. You can see and control all your systems and facilities from anywhere in the world.

Their energy reporting solutions are thorough. Plus, you can visualize your data with vibrant graphics and charts.

These powerful analytics deliver actionable insights. You’ll see how you can improve efficiency and save energy.

Website: automatedlogic.com

3. Budderfly

Budderfly wants to change the way businesses manage and save energy. They refer to their solutions as Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS). It guarantees immediate energy savings with no out-of-pocket costs.

Budderfly’s IoT monitoring system tracks a lot. You’ll get data on every point of a building’s energy consumption. Their technology analyzes energy usage and provides energy-saving insights.

Why You Need to Know About Budderfly

More Americans are concerned about environmental issues. Almost two-thirds of consumers will even pay premium prices for sustainable products.

However, Budderfly is paying premiums. They’re partnering with businesses to lower rising US energy costs. This, in turn, eases environmental impact.

Budderfly provides 100% of the capital to businesses to upgrade to more energy-efficient building systems. They also install, maintain, and upgrade all the necessary technology.

Budderfly also guarantees ten years of energy savings, starting on day one.

Website: budderfly.com

4. Cohesion

Cohesion offers one of the industry’s only unified smart building solutions. It’s perfect for owners and operators of commercial real estate. Their IoT services and software incorporate data, operations, and tenant experience.

Cohesion provides insight in real-time. It collects data on tenant engagement, building operations, and space utilization.

Why You Need to Know About Cohesion

Cohesion understands that even the most sophisticated smart building doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s a part of a broader infrastructure.

Cohesion’s platform integrates human experiences, resources, and building systems. The interactive dashboard allows you to monitor and manage multiple facilities in real time.

Cohesion’s app is called Building Experience. It enhances the users’ engagement with a variety of capabilities. Tenants can access touchless controls and visitor management from their smartphones.

Cohesion’s tenant experience software improves operational decision-making. It provides powerful insights into how people interact with the building.

Website: cohesionib.com

Smart Building Circuit Board

5. Meshify

Meshify builds smart building solutions that help simplify and streamline the claims process.

Their IoT sensors and software predict and prevent property damage.

Meshify helps customers protect buildings, reduce claims, and enable customer engagement. All with one digital platform.

Why You Need to Know About Meshify

Damage detection is an important development in smart building solutions. Meshify’s technology can prevent and predict property damage. It can also improve building safety.

Their easy-to-use IoT sensors can detect damage such as water leaks or burst pipes. The Meshify Protect app will send notifications to alert you of the issue.

Building conditions like rising humidity levels or drastic temperature changes can cause damage. Meshify identifies these before they can do extensive damage.

Meshify also helps business owners safeguard their property and equipment. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Website: meshify.com

6. Iota Communications

Iota Communications is a leader in integrated smart building solutions and technology. They help businesses boost productivity and advance their sustainability initiatives.  

The Delphi360 platform identifies opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs. Iota’s powerful analytics provides insights into increasing operational efficiency.

Why You Need to Know About Iota Communications

Iota Communication’s cloud-based software delivers real-time monitoring and alerts. They give building managers the intelligent solutions they need to protect everyone on-site.

Data analytics help drive significant facility cost savings. And that same data can be used to enhance the comfort and productivity of building occupants.

The Delphi360 platform provides a continuous feedback loop. It optimizes efficiency and improves operational performance.

Iota Communications helps drive your organization’s health, safety, and sustainability goals.

Website:  iotacommunications.com

Recognizing the Potential of Smart Building Technology

Smart building solution companies are driving sustainability and energy conservation.

And smart building technology is no longer reserved for enterprise-level companies. Businesses of all sizes can reduce their carbon footprint with smart technology.

Smart building solution companies are reimagining how buildings operate. Plus, they’re helping the planet.

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