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The 10 Best Ladders for Home Services Pros

Ladders are indispensable for professional home improvement workers. To choose the best ladder, define your specific needs and safety requirements and then find options that fit those needs.

Ladders are indispensable for professional home improvement workers. Yet, the best ladder can be a more complex decision than you might think.

Safety and utility are important. However, the best choice to address these factors can vary depending on the job and local conditions.

The CDC says there are 100 fatal ladder accidents per year. Also, thousands of people get hurt due to unsafe use or wrong ladder choice.

The best way to choose a ladder is to think about your needs and safety requirements. Then, find options that fit those needs. You use ladders daily, and your safety depends on making the correct selection.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the core things to consider when picking a ladder. We’ll also explore some of the different needs different professionals have when it comes to ladders. And finally, we’ll give you our top 10 recommendations for commercial-grade ladders.

What to Look for in a Commercial-Grade Ladder

Worker cleaning gutters on ladder

Commercial ladders come in different varieties and offer various functions. What do you need to consider when shopping for this vital piece of equipment?


Commercial-grade ladders fit into different categories based on design, size, and features.

For example, step ladders offer a stable platform for various tasks. Extension ladders can adjust to different heights.

However, some professionals need specialty ladders. These include platform or telescoping ladders. These systems provide stability and features for specific jobs. Other options include hook ladders, roof ladders, and rolling ladders.


Commercial-grade ladders are made of a variety of materials. This factor can be vital for safety.

For instance, wood ladders are non-conductive, so they’re safer around electrical wires. However, they may be heavier and more difficult to carry.

Aluminum ladders are lightweight, portable, and resistant to rust. But they’re vulnerable to electricity.

Fiberglass ladders try to bring the best of both worlds. However, low-quality fiberglass products may not be durable enough for daily use.

Weather Resistance

Professionals should consider if their ladders need to be weather-resistant. Weather resistance is necessary for outdoor jobs.

What are the options? Aluminum boasts corrosion resistance. Fiberglass’s waterproof nature makes it a reliable choice for outdoor use.


Ladders come in different heights. After quality, selecting an appropriate ladder height is the most important pre-purchase decision.

You don’t want to buy a telescoping ladder you won’t use. But you don’t want to stop a job because you can’t reach the area needing repair.

The right height also ensures stability and keeps you from having to lean or reach.

Weight Capacity

Commercial-grade ladders have weight capacity ratings. You should consider your weight and the weight of any others using the ladder.

You should also include the weight of any equipment in the calculation.

Special Features

Modern commercial ladders can also include extra features. Examples include locking mechanisms that enhance stability.

You can also get extras like slip-resistant materials, integrated tool trays, and hooks.

Picking the Right Ladder for the Right Job

Inspector smiling with clipboard on ladder

Because of the availability of different types of ladders, picking the right one can be daunting.

You can start by defining the situations you may encounter in your profession. After that, you can find a ladder that provides the features and qualities you need.

Here is a look at the best ladder options based on different home improvement jobs.

General Contractors

General contractors work on a wide range of activities.

These include indoor renovations and outdoor and roof repairs. They often need a versatile extension ladder with stabilizers and attachments.

These features help them handle specific tasks.

Garage Door Installers

Garage door installers will benefit from compact ladders. This is because they are transportable and easy to set up.

These ladders don’t have much height, but they may have to support the weight of the contractor plus door panels.

Gutter Installers and Cleaners

Gutter installers and cleaners work one or two stories in the air. They use platform ladders or extension ladders (with stabilizers) to work safely.

These pros may need different ladders to handle different heights.


Painters will work at different heights and in inside and outside settings.

Step ladders work well for the interiors. Outside, extension ladders provide safety and stability on grass, dirt, or cement. Meanwhile, platform ladders offer ample space for paint cans and brushes.

Full-service painters may have all three of these ladders in their work vans.


Professional roofers put a premium on safety. They almost always work high off the ground.

Extension ladders with rubber grips and stabilizers are the best option. They give a stable base in all conditions and avoid slippage.

Roofers choose fiberglass ladders because they don’t conduct electricity.

Window Cleaners

Window cleaners prefer extension ladders with stabilizers. The design provides safe access to high windows.

Commercial building cleaners can use platform ladders. These make it possible to cover wide windows without having to move the ladder.

Tree Services Providers

Tree service providers need specialty ladders with adjustable angles. Extension or telescoping ladders with secure locks are crucial for ensuring safety.

Siding Installers

Stabilizers are important for balance while working on siding installation. Siding installers often need high-weight capacity to support panels and tools like nail guns.

The 10 Best Ladders for Commercial Use

Young man carrying ladder on construction site

Here are 10 of the best ladders for home improvement professionals. They offer the features pros need to work safely in all seasons.

Best Step Ladder: HBTower 3-Step Ladder

This portable step ladder is best for contractors working on interior projects. It also works well for garage door repair.

Interior painters or cabinet installers will appreciate this ladder’s weight capacity. It can hold up to 500 lbs, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

The affordable price tag means you can add this to your work van along with taller ladders.

The HBTower has a locking mechanism that protects against buckling. The hand-holders help you stay steady when climbing to the third step. You can get a stable grip with the rubber coating on the rails.

The same material covers the ladder’s feet. It will remain stable even on polished wood or waxed tile floors.

The ladder is portable, at only 11 lbs. It won’t be the main ladder for general contractors or those working outdoors. Even so, indoor pros will find plenty of ways to use it.

Best Short Platform Ladder: Gorilla 5.5 ft. Aluminum Dual Platform Heavy-Duty Ladder

This 5-foot ladder has four steps, with the top two making stable platforms. The aluminum material is lightweight and durable.

Window washers, painters, siding installers, and interior contractors will appreciate the stability. They will also like the height of this hybrid step and platform ladder.

It comes with an attachable tool and paint container. With a heavy-duty rating, this Gorilla ladder can hold up to 300 lbs.

The capacity makes it useful for drywall and cabinet installers. Any pros needing to hold heavy tools or place bulky pieces will enjoy the big steps.

Also, the anti-slip rubber feet give you a solid feel while climbing.

Despite its heavy-duty rating, the ladder only weighs 17 lbs. Its A-frame design folds down to a few inches of width.

The low profile makes it easy to carry and allows it to fit in a small space in your truck or van. A reasonable price tag and a two-year warranty provide good value as well.

Best Extension Ladder: Louisville 16-Foot Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The Louisville 16-foot ladder is a no-frills option for contractors. Those working on roofs, gutters, or siding may also be happy with this choice.

The fiberglass material is ideal for outdoor use. It doesn’t conduct electricity or corrode in wet conditions.

The extension ladder is very safe. It has an easy-to-use latch system for locking. The rungs have a pattern on the surface to fight slipping in wet weather. Meanwhile, the steel shoes move.

This design gives full contact with the ground on uneven grass or cement.

Louisville makes extension ladders reaching up to 40 feet. It meets both OSHA and ANSI standards for workplace safety.

This means contractors can feel good about their job site safety efforts. They don’t have to worry about laborers falling during the job.

Best Telescoping Ladder on a Budget: 12.5-Foot Ohuhu Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping ladders can reach high work targets. But they have a limited profile in storage.

The Ohuhu aluminum ladder is good for siding installers and roofers. General contractors will also find it useful. They get the benefits without losing space in their work trucks.

This ladder is lightweight but able to support up to 250 lbs. It boasts a locking mechanism to hold each section in place. These sections do not move unless you push a release button.

The Ohuhu 12.5-foot ladder stands up to bad weather with heavy-duty aluminum. Its slip-resistant rungs help with climbing in wet weather.

It lacks extra features and attachments, however, so it works best as a second ladder for tradespeople. General contractors usually like having a taller ladder like this in their truck.

Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters: Little Giant Velocity Articulating Ladder

The Little Giant Velocity is the best multi-purpose ladder on our list. This product is especially useful for gutter cleaners and installers.

This heavy-duty aluminum ladder has five different configurations. Its standard position is a traditional A-frame. You can alter the height to get stability on uneven surfaces.

The Velocity also adjusts to a 90-degree angle. It can also change into an extension ladder, platform, and staircase-like layout.

Gutter pros work on different surfaces. These configuration choices avoid dangerous situations. You can choose the configuration best for the surface and the position of the roof and gutters.

Articulating ladders also save space because you don’t take many ladders to job sites.

The flexibility and performance of this heavy-duty aluminum ladder come at a cost, making it one of the more expensive ladders on our list.

Interior home improvement specialists may find more value in other products. But gutter cleaners need a ladder for every job. This means they will get full value from this investment.

Best Roof Ladder: 24-ft Werner D-Rung Extension Ladder

Roofers need heavy-duty ladders that can reach high elevations. The 24-foot D-rung extension ladder from Werner fits the bill.

It is available in both fiberglass and aluminum. The fiberglass version is better for roofers because it doesn’t conduct electricity.

Many Werner products have an IA rating. This 24-foot extension ladder also carries the IA designation. It can support 300 lbs. In most cases, workers with tools or shingles will be under this weight.

Each rung has a D-shaped design and surface treads to stop slippage.

The locking mechanism is spring-loaded. It snaps into place, and workers are sure it locks tight. Despite its height, this ladder is convenient. It slides down to 12 feet when retracted. Pre-drilled holes make accessory attachment easy.

Other home improvement professionals may appreciate the D-rung extension ladder. This is especially true if they need roof access.

Best Folding Ladder: Little Giant Safety-Step Folding Ladder

Home improvement pros may have a hard time finding heavy-duty step ladders. Standard three-step folders may not be high enough. Meanwhile, home-use models can’t hold much weight.

Though these ladders are cheaper, they may not tolerate daily use.

The Little Giant Four-Step Folding Ladder can hold 300 lbs. Its 46″ stance gives stability even when holding a full load. The steps are wide and covered with slip-resistant panels.

Yes, this ladder lacks side handrails, but a heavy-duty handle extends above the top step.

The fourth step is 35″ off the ground. At this height, the ladder works for inside-the-home jobs. But it won’t work well for outside jobs requiring a higher reach.

Also, the ladder is a bit heavy due to its heavy-duty design. It weighs 27 lbs but has two wheels when folded, allowing you to carry it without lifting.

It folds down to a 5″ profile to fit in a corner of your truck.

This Little Giant is one of the best ladders for painting interiors. But it’s expensive enough you should only consider it if you expect to use it daily.

The aluminum can also stand up to outdoor use but requires a flat surface.

Best A-Frame Ladder: Bauer Corporation 6-Foot Fiberglass 350-Series Ladder

Many workers like classic A-Frame ladders. They are stable and versatile, and you know what you are getting.

The Bauer 350-Series has fiberglass for safety and weather resistance.

The problem with A-frame ladders is that inexpensive ones can’t handle heavy use. The 350-Series can stand up to industrial-level jobs. It has a 375-lb weight rating and a 20-degree climbing angle.

The design makes it more stable and easier to get up. The sticky steps stop any slipping during climbing, even in the rain.

Bauer’s fiberglass A-frame line has a 10-foot ladder. However, it lacks the weight rating of the 6-foot option and is harder to transport.

A-frame ladders fold to a slim profile, but they don’t collapse lengthwise. The 6-footer is easier to carry than the taller models.

While far from the most expensive ladder on our list, this ladder is pricey. But it can stand up to heavy daily use. It’s a good value if you take it to every job.

Best Collapsible Ladder: Xtend+Climb® Contractor Series 14-Foot Ladder

Xtend+Climb Contractor Series has ladders designed for professional use. If you want the best home ladder, this high-priced model may be overkill.

But it is reliable and safe for contractors. But it costs considerably more than the other ladders on our list. It’s only worthwhile as a primary ladder.

This 14-foot telescoping ladder provides value with a durable aluminum alloy. Xtend+Climb claims it is durable enough for use in airplane bodies. A five-year warranty backs up these claims.

General contractors will appreciate the different configurations and the 300-lb weight rating. The ladder can reach 14 feet when fully extended.

It also has hinges in the middle to fold down into a 7-foot A-frame ladder.

The design and height make this ladder heavy. It is 50 lbs, and it stands 32.9 inches when collapsed. This size and weight profile is smaller than other ladder types.

But other telescoping ladders collapse to a smaller, lighter package.

Best Platform Ladder: Little Giant Fortress

The Little Giant Fortress is a 6-foot fiberglass ladder with a wide base. It has a wide-standing platform on the fifth step.

Painters will like the ability to stand for a long time without worrying about falling. They will also like the ability to adjust their weight on the platform. 

The design includes a wrap-around guard for extra safety. This feature encloses the user just above waist level to prevent falls. This support opens during setup and closes when you step on the platform. It functions automatically and works even if your hands are full.

The ladder has pre-drilled holes and anchors. These let you add extras, such as paint containers or tool holsters.

The 375-lb rating means you can keep supplies on the ladder with you.

Like other premium ladders, it is a solid investment if you use it daily.

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