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The 6 Best Construction Podcasts for Business Owners 

You work hard to maintain a competitive edge during an uncertain time for the industry. But you can’t do that if you’re not in the know. Construction podcasts can help out there.

Want to keep up to date on the latest construction trends? Need to explore potential challenges in your business? Want to learn how to improve your business’s products, services, and operations?

You can find all of that in a solid construction podcast.

In this article, we’ll discuss what podcasts are and how they can benefit you. Then, we’ll list 6 of the best construction podcasts out there.

You’ll level up your knowledge and get inspired. Not to mention sharpening your business’s competitive edge!

Why Are Podcasts So Popular? 

A podcast is a series of audio episodes focused on any topic or theme. This could include true crime, current events, or construction. They might feature industry leaders and experts discussing best practices and innovations.

Listening to a podcast is a lot like listening to the radio, but better.

Podcasts allow you to tune in on-demand and only listen to episodes that spark your interest. There’s no need to sit through the weather forecast or news headlines.

A podcast episode can run from 10 minutes to several hours. There’s a podcast out there about every topic imaginable. That’s one reason why podcasts are so popular.

In 2021, 80 million Americans listened to at least one podcast every week.

Another reason for their rising popularity is their convenience. Podcasts are an audio medium, like music and audiobooks. This means you can listen to a podcast anytime.

Cooking dinner, picking up your kids from school, or driving to your next worksite.

With a Podcast, you can:

Podcasts give listeners access to a wealth of knowledge and information anytime.

And all for free.

The 6 Best Construction Podcasts in 2022

You dedicate your business to serving your local community. To best do this, you must continue to improve your product and service offerings.

Continuous learning is critical. You have to maintain a competitive edge during an uncertain time for the industry. You can’t do that if you’re not in the know.

And podcasts can help out there.

Now, the big question. Where should you start your construction podcasting journey?

Like television shows and music, podcasts are personal. There are thousands of podcasts about home construction and the industry. From general construction podcasts to plumbing podcasts, there is a construction podcast for you.

Despite this, some podcasts stand out from the crowd, winning loyal audiences nationwide. Here are 6 of those podcasts.

1. The Art of Construction

Entrepreneur, Devon Tilly, is the host of The Art of Construction. He has garnered recognition for his building industry innovation and creativity.

The Art of Construction aims to help construction business owners grow and thrive.

Host Devon brings together some of the industry’s best and brightest minds. These industry titans leverage hands-on experience to share their top tips and advice.

Each episode welcomes a different thought leader who provides industry insight. This includes everything from marketing strategies to innovations in supply chain management.

Episode length: 30 to 60 minutes

Perfect for: Business owners in construction and contracting, as well as architects

Listen here: The Art of Construction

Construction Pros Using a Mobile Device

2. The Connected Construction Show

Evan Hill and Matt Sprague from e-Builder host The Connected Construction Show.

Evan and Matt ran fireside-style webinars for industry professionals and business owners. These popular webinars evolved into a podcast.

Now, the Connected Construction Show welcomes a different industry leader in each episode. These leaders include analysts, contractors, program managers, and more.

Episode length: 30 to 45 minutes

Perfect for: Project and program managers and construction business owners

Listen here: The Connected Construction Show

3. The ConTechCrew

Construction tech geeks James Benham, Josh Bone, and Rob McKinney host The ConTechCrew.

This podcast features experts and influencers in the construction technology space. The group discusses cutting-edge innovations and technological advancements transforming the industry.

Think robotics, 3D printing, laser scanning, and more.

Episode length: 60 minutes.

Perfect for: Anyone interested in the latest construction news, technology, software, and innovations

Listen here: The ConTech Crew

4. 99% Invisible

Roman Mars is the host of 99% Invisible.

This narrative-style podcast explores everyday elements of architecture and design. Why? Because people’s lives are easier and more enjoyable with said design.

A beloved podcast with a loyal following, it sheds new light on the ordinary.

One five-star reviewer said, “I ADORE this podcast and look forward to its release every week. Looking at the world through design is such a unique way to understand people, spaces, and history.”

Episode length: 30 to 45 minutes

Perfect for: Architects, builders, designers, and business owners interested in meaningful design and best practices

Listen here: 99% Invisible

5. The Construction DorkCast

A group of construction dorks hosts The Construction DorkCast. They’re passionate and confessed “Construction Dorks.”

Think of the Construction DorkCast as a casual chat with a group of friends. They’re all as interested in the construction industry as you are.

Fun and uplifting, the hosts chat about their favorite topics. They invite guests to discuss updates, technology, innovation, and other issues.

They’re focused on improving the future of construction.

Episode length: 60 to 90 minutes

Perfect for: Construction professionals looking for fun and education

Listen here: The Construction DorkCast

6. Build Your House Yourself University

Michelle Nelson hosts Build Your House Yourself University.

Industry newbie? Seasoned professional? Build Your House Yourself University offers invaluable tips and tricks for everyone.

Each episode welcomes industry experts detailing everything from design trends to construction basics. One reviewer noted, “I find your insights useful, and your tips and information will help so many save time.”

Episode length: 10 to 20 minutes

Perfect for: Business owners in the residential construction space

Listen here: Build Your House University

Construction Pro Listening to a Podcast

Listen to a Construction Podcast Today

Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to fit learning into your everyday life.

The 6 podcasts listed above give you access to leaders, professionals, and innovators. These experts share their tips, advice, challenges, and forecasts. And for free!

Add podcasts to your daily routine and reap the benefits in your business.

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