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The 6 Best Commercial Plumbing Snakes for Pro Plumbers 

Blocked drains are one of the most common jobs plumbers deal with. And the best tool is usually the plumbing snake. If you’re in the market for a new commercial plumbing snake, we can help.

Kevin Talley

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Blocked drains are one of the most common jobs plumbers deal with. And the best tool is usually the plumbing snake. 

Plumbing snakes can cut through blockages or hook on and pull them out. This clears the pipe and allows the water to drain freely again. 

If you’re in the market for a new commercial plumbing snake, we can help. We’ve curated a list of some of the best on the market. 

But first, let’s discuss why quality matters to professionals like you. Then, we’ll look at the essential features before sharing our top picks. 

We’ll wrap up with three quick-fire tips to kick-start your shopping journey. 

Why Pros Need a High-Quality Commercial Snake Drain 

A snake drain is a flexible rod with a metal end shaped like a spiral. It “snakes” into pipes to clear out blockages. 

A high-quality commercial snake drain makes all the difference—particularly when tackling stubborn clogs. It can stand up to hard use, which makes your job quicker and easier. 

Let’s dig deeper into why pros like you need the best of the best. 

Unclog Drains Fast 

You never know what’s waiting for you at the other end of a call-out. Sometimes, it’s a blocked drain that just won’t quit. But with a high-quality commercial plumbing snake, you’re ready for anything. 

You push the snake into the blocked pipe and rotate the handle. As it winds down, the spiral tip breaks the gunk or hooks it. A quality drain snake makes this job quick and less of a hassle. You’re happy, and so are your customers. 

Get More Done 

Doing the job well is one thing. Doing it fast? That’s another. 

Working efficiently can be the key to business growth. You can serve more customers, and the more jobs you complete, the more cash you bring home. 

Better yet, the happier your customers are, the more likely they are to provide referrals. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Build Trust With Every Job 

You want to be known as a reliable and trustworthy plumber capable of solving problems. 

Let’s say a customer calls you in. Their sink has been clogged for days, and it’s safe to say they’re frustrated. You arrive, set up your snake, and within minutes, the water is draining smoothly again.  

That moment of relief and satisfaction for a customer is powerful. It builds trust. And when people trust you, they rely on you for future plumbing needs and emergencies. 

Stand Out From Your Competitors 

Using a high-quality plumbing snake also shows professionalism. It tells your customers that you invest in the best tools for the job. This is especially important when you’re dealing with businesses. 

Let’s say you’re called to a restaurant with a severe grease clog. You use your commercial snake to handle the problem without fuss or mess. 

The restaurant manager sees your efficiency and how you prevent a minor issue from becoming a significant disruption. This can make you the go-to plumber for that business, securing you regular contracts. 

Generate Positive Word of Mouth 

Word of mouth can be your superpower. And quality tools can help you harness it. 

Consider this: You fix a clog at one house, and because you do it so well, the homeowner mentions your name at work. Or maybe they post a thank-you on a local Facebook group. 

This can lead to calls from colleagues, neighbors, and friends. It’s practically free advertising. 

Plumber uses an electric drain snake

Essential Features to Look for in Commercial Plumbing Snakes 

Purchasing a new tool for your business is a big decision. It’s an investment in your future and the quality of your service. 

It’s always a good idea to do your research, consider your options, and know the top features to look for. 

So, what should you consider to ensure you get a great return on your investment? Here are some key factors: 

Cranking System 

Commercial plumbing snakes come in two options: hand-cranked and powered. 

  • Hand-cranked snakes are best for minor, less complex blockages. They are typically more affordable and portable. Hand-cranking gives you control over the snake, too. This can be a plus when working on old or sensitive plumbing systems. 
  • A powered snake might be your best bet for dealing with tough, deep clogs. These are essential in large-diameter pipes unless you want to put in some serious elbow grease. The drawback? They are usually more expensive and less portable. Also, ensure the power mechanism is strong enough to handle heavy use without shredding the pipes. 

Head Type 

As well as the cranking system, consider the type of head you might need. Here are some options: 

  • Simple piston heads: These are the basic choice. They push clogs toward wider sections of the pipe. They work just fine for minor blockages. 
  • Screw or coil heads: These are a little more powerful. They penetrate and grab hold of blockages, such as accumulated paper towels or other materials. They are ideal for more complicated clogs. 
  • Cutting heads: These are used for severe blockages like tree roots. They cut through the obstruction. Due to their aggressive nature, they should be used carefully to avoid damaging pipes. 


Investing in a high-quality snake pays off in the long run. But you still want to balance the initial cost with the expected durability and the type of jobs you handle. 

Cheaper models might save money upfront. However, they can lead to higher maintenance costs or need replacement sooner. 

They can also take longer to use, limiting your capacity to take on more jobs. 


You want a plumbing snake that lasts. Look for one made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials. It should withstand frequent use and exposure to various chemicals and environments. 

Durable tools reduce downtime and repair costs, which is great for your cash flow. 


The size of the snake should match the most common tasks you handle. 

Snakes with a 3/8-inch cable and lengths of 50 to 75 feet are common. They are versatile and work for many tasks, including kitchens and laundries. 

Larger snakes with at least a 5/8-inch cable and lengths from 75 to 100 feet are vital for bigger jobs. If you work on larger drains or main lines to the street, go for a larger model. 

Add-on Features 

Some plumbing snakes come or are compatible with add-ons. This includes cameras, lights, or other technological enhancements. 

These improve usability and effectiveness. They can help you diagnose issues more accurately. 

Hand crank drain snake

The 6 Top Commercial Plumbing Snakes for Professionals 

You need a plumbing snake with backbone. A tool tough enough to withstand day-to-day use. We’ve done the hard work for you. 

Below, we’ve curated a list of the very best plumbing snakes for professionals. There’s a mix of large and small options at different price points. 

To figure out which commercial plumbing snakes are worth your money, we considered several important factors: 

  • Brand reputation: We looked for brands known for reliability and quality in plumbing tools. A five-star reputation means the manufacturer backs their products with good customer service and warranties. 
  • Performance: How the snake handles different types of clogs is make-or-break. It should work effortlessly on blockages without causing damage to the plumbing. We read real-world reviews to see how each snake performed. 
  • Portability: You might need to use your snake in different locations. So, it should be relatively easy to transport. 
  • Versatility: The best snakes can handle different types of jobs. They should be adaptable to different pipe sizes and types of clogs. 
  • Durability: Because plumbing tools are an investment, the snake must be built to last. It should be made of materials that resist wear and tear from regular use. 
  • Price: We considered each snake’s cost-effectiveness. It should offer good value for the price, balancing affordability with quality. 
  • Ease of use: The snake should be user-friendly, especially for complicated tasks. Features that enhance ease of use include automatic feeding mechanisms and ergonomic designs. 

Now, it’s time to introduce our top six picks. 

1. RIDGID PowerClear 120-Volt Drain Cleaning Machine Kit for Tubs, Showers, and Sinks 

The RIDGID PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine offers powerful cleaning capabilities in a compact design. This tool efficiently clears clogs in tubs, showers, and sinks. 


  • Durability and power: With a motor that delivers 450 RPMs, this machine can handle 3/4-inch to 1 1/2-inch drain lines. 
  • Portability and compact design: It’s small enough to fit into cramped spaces, making it perfect for any job site. It’s also easy to transport and store. 
  • User-friendly features: Equipped with AUTOFEED technology, this machine enables hands-free cable feeding and retrieval. This keeps your work area clean and your hands free.

Potential drawbacks 

  • Manual cable management: The AUTOFEED mechanism is excellent—but only if it works. Some users have found it needs manual intervention when issues occur. 
  • Short power cable and pedal: The power cable and pedal are shorter than some users prefer. This can be inconvenient when outlets are not close by. 

Best choice for: 

Professionals looking for a reliable, easy-to-use solution. It will clear moderate to tough clogs in different settings. This machine offers a fair balance of power, efficiency, and compact design. 

Here’s what one Amazon buyer had to say: 

“This is my first automated drain cleaner, and man, it blows the manual hand-held units away.” 

2. Forlivese Plumbing Snake 

The Forlivese Plumbing Snake is a manual, hand-crank option. It’s cheap and offers a simple solution to drain cleaning. It works best for light to moderate blockages. 


  • Cost-effective: This tool is less expensive than many electric drain cleaners. 
  • High-quality construction: Although cheap, it’s made with durable ABS and carbon steel. It’s built to last and withstand frequent use. 
  • Ease of use and storage: The flexible spring can bend over 90 degrees without breaking. Plus, the drum storage keeps it neat, tidy, and ready for the next use. 

Potential drawbacks 

  • Manual operation: Whichever way you look at it, all hand-crank plumbing snakes demand physical effort. This might not be suitable for all users. 
  • Limited effectiveness on tough clogs: This is only suitable for more minor or less stubborn blockages. 

Best choice for: 

Independent plumbers who need an affordable, basic tool for occasional light blockages. It’s a great backup to have on hand when a heavy-duty machine is not necessary. 

Here’s what one user had to say: 

“This item works and wasn’t expensive. But you need to be able to turn the crank like crazy to get it to work.” 

3. Ridgid 93557 Model K-6200 Drum Drain Cleaning Machine 

The Ridgid 93557 Model K-6200 is a great choice for heavy-duty drain cleaning. It features an ultra-tough setup perfect for cleaning 3- to 6-inch drain lines up to 200 feet long. 


  • Durability: This machine is built with a corrosion-resistant polyethylene drum and a double tubular frame. You can buy it knowing it’ll last. 
  • Efficiency: Backed by a patented cable control system, it prevents cable flip-over by slowing down the drum when it comes across a blockage. This helps reduce downtime. 
  • Easy maintenance: The inner drum and guide tube can be easily removed for quick cable maintenance or replacement. 

Potential drawback 

  • High cost: At over $4,500, it is an investment. However, that can pay off in terms of reliability and performance. 

Best choice for: 

Plumbers who deal with large-scale and deep drainage systems. Its features make it a reliable choice for regular heavy use in commercial settings. 

4. Milwaukee 5/16″ x 75′ M18 FUEL Cordless High Speed Chain Snake 

The Milwaukee 2819-22 M18 FUEL is a versatile, high-speed chain snake designed for clearing 1 1/2- to 4-inch pipes. It combines power and portability in a cordless design. 


  • Mobility: Being cordless allows you to work in areas without direct electrical access. Its telescoping handle and durable wheels make it easy to move around. 
  • Power and control: It offers a variable speed dial that adjusts from 600 to 2,200 RPM, allowing precise control based on the clog. 
  • Comprehensive: It comes with everything you need. This includes chain knockers, two high-output batteries, and a charger. It’s all housed in a hard case for protection. 

Potential drawback 

  • Frame size: Some users might prefer a more compact frame for easier handling in tight spaces. 

Best choice for: 

Professional plumbers looking for a powerful, portable solution that can handle a variety of pipe sizes and types without relying on a power source. It’s ideal for on-the-go applications. 

5. Ridgid 36023 Model K-45-5 120 Volt Electric Drain Cleaner Kit 

The Ridgid 36023 Model K-45-5 is best for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3/4 inch to 2 1/2 inches. Its versatility and efficiency make it a top choice for professionals. 


  • Control: This operates with variable speeds from 0-600 RPM. You get precise control over the cleaning process. 
  • Leak-proof design: The leak-proof inner drum ensures a clean, mess-free job site. 
  • Accessories: It comes with a variety of accessories. This includes different cutters and cables. 

Potential drawback 

  • Cable management: Some users report issues with the cable linking and lack of a stopping mechanism near the end. This can lead to overfeeding. 

Best choice for: 

Plumbers who need a light yet powerful machine to clear clogs in smaller drain lines. Its ease of use and complete set of accessories make it a smart choice for quick, everyday tasks. 

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about their experience: 

“I’ve used other brands that were heavier and more cumbersome. This Ridgid model is lighter, easier to handle, and still powerful enough to tackle tough clogs. It’s a game changer for my daily work.” 

6. Picote Maxi Miller 

The Picote Maxi Miller delivers near-unmatched power and versatility. It works on pipes from 4 to 10 inches in diameter. 


  • Versatility: This machine handles a wide range of blockages. It can tackle soft blockages, scale, tree roots, concrete, and lead deposits. Its capability to adjust RPMs means you can customize your approach based on the pipe material and the nature of the blockage. 
  • Portable and safe: Equipped with wheels and stair glides, the Maxi Miller is easy to transport and set up. It features safety clutches and shielded foot pedals. This helps to minimize the risk of accidents. 
  • Multi-functional: The machine can feed drain cameras at the same time as cleaning. You could offer more service options to your clients. 

Potential drawback 

  • High price point: Starting at over $10,000, the Picote Maxi Miller is a big investment. 

Best choice for: 

Plumbing professionals who face a variety of pipe-cleaning challenges and need a reliable, high-performance tool. If you have the need and the budget, it’s an excellent option. 

3 Takeaway Tips for Choosing a Commercial Plumbing Snake 

  • Think about the types of jobs you do. Look at the most common types of clogs you deal with. Do you need a snake that can handle large-scale blockages in commercial buildings? Choose a snake that matches the majority of your work. 

  • Set a realistic budget. Know how much you can spend. More expensive models might have features you don’t need. Think about the return on investment. A more durable and versatile snake could save you money in the long run, even if it’s pricier upfront. 

  • Look for sales and discounts. Buying tools can be expensive, so look for sales and discounts. 

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