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What Is Plumbing Dispatch Software? 

Plumbing dispatch software should handle all the important back-end logistics. Things like invoicing, inventory, performance data, and live field updates can all be managed.

Selah Moore

Guest Contributor

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Running a plumbing business likely means you’re often out of the office and on-site. You know the balance between back-end work and field work can get tricky. 

You have the plumbing end of things covered. But the business details can get overwhelming. Dispatch software offers many tools to help you keep on top of operations.

Plumbing dispatch software helps businesses run smoother from the field. It improves daily organization and can increase customer satisfaction. 

Programs offer an all-in-one job and team management hub. With this technology, plumbers can do what they do best without sweating the details.

This article provides insight into how to use dispatch software to your advantage. We’ll look at what different companies provide and what features to look out for.

What is Plumbing Dispatch Software and What Does It Do? 


Plumbing dispatch software automates daily field management tasks. The software manages projects, employees, and clients. The idea is that these programs centralize the day-to-day operations. It keeps everyone organized and on task.

Dispatch software handles employee schedules and appointments. It can create batch schedules based on route. Batching provides employees with an organized day. Which, in turn, increases job efficiency. 

Most of these programs allow real-time adjustments to appointments. Clients and technicians can communicate to alter job times and requirements as needed. 

These systems should handle all these important back-end logistics. In addition, it can manage things like invoicing, inventory, performance data, and live field updates.

Dispatching software keeps both the employees and the clients on the same page. Quality software should ensure that all client information and requests are easily accessible.

Top Plumbing Dispatch Software Features 

Not all dispatching software is created equal. Some software is more reliable than others, and some cater to specific business needs. Knowing what to look out for and what your business needs can help you navigate the software market. 

Plumbing business owners should consider what features might help improve their operations. Could you use a more organized schedule? Are you spending way too much on fuel? Are you having communication mishaps with customers? 

Knowing where you need the most support will help you choose the right software. Many companies seem like they offer a similar product. However, there are some important components to look out for. 

Here are some dispatch software features to consider:

GPS Tracking and Route Optimization 

Most dispatch software offers live GPS tracking for all service technicians. This allows management and clients to view locations in real time. 

GPS location provides clients with an estimated arrival time. This can help explain any potential delays. 

This software should be able to integrate route optimization. Technicians can plan the most efficient route to each job. Your business will save on fuel and time. 

Technicians can also use route optimization to create service batches. This will route a technician to all appointments within a specific area. Each technician will be assigned services based on their batch locations. 

Real-Time Integration 

Real-time integration can send live updates on both location and communication. Updates allow customers to see things like arrival time and job progress. They can also send any updates or alterations as needed. 

The software takes into account all moving parts of your business. These variables will affect scheduling and technician dispatching. 

Inventory Control 

Most dispatching software integrates with your company’s inventory. This keeps technicians from arriving at a job site short-handed. It also provides inventory updates after each service. This way, the inventory stays current. 

Live inventory updates can help you stay on top of supplies. Orders can be placed immediately so that technicians always have what they need on-hand. 

Automated Scheduling 

Plumbing service schedules can be condensed and automated using dispatch software. Managers can assign work orders at the click of a button. 

Automation optimizes the schedules and time of each of your plumbing technicians. Any modifications to the schedule can easily be done remotely.

Automated scheduling accounts for route batching. This helps ensure saved time and efficient fuel costs. 

Customer Communication 

Dispatch software should streamline customer communication. The software offers an easy client-facing dashboard. They should be able to access things like arrival time and appointment confirmation. They can also add changes or requests. 

Most solutions also enable a chat or text feature. This increases access to customer service. Clients can contact their technician or reach an automated “helpdesk.” 

Automated communication can help answer customer inquiries right away. These communications should be accessible to service technicians and office management. 

Mobile Access

Dispatch software should be accessible from mobile devices via an app. Apps provide technicians with easy access to daily details. 

Techs should be able to view and adjust their schedule. Any updates or alerts can be entered from the field. They should also have access to client data and communication. This gives team members vital information on the job.

Respond to changes and customer requests rapidly. Through automated texting services, communication is more efficient. Clients can also have access to GPS tracking capabilities through these apps. 

Job Tracking

Track the progress of each job as it’s happening. Tracking allows managers easier job oversight. It also can send updates to homeowners so that they see progress. 

Job tracking helps monitor the project and technicians. It also tracks data surrounding performance metrics.

Emergency Changes

Customers can use this software to submit any last-minute requests or changes. It also allows for same-day cancellations. Or, if there is an emergency, they can request immediate assistance. 

The software will determine if a technician is available and schedule them. It can then notify the technician and the client of the appointment.


Dispatch software should provide useful data about business operations. These analytics show customer satisfaction, sales, revenue, and employee performance. 

Compare Software Options Before Committing 


Like any business investment, choosing the right software should be a careful decision. There are a variety of different software companies offering similar services and programs. 

When choosing a program, you want to ensure it fulfills your needs and meets your price point.

Many of these dispatching software companies cater to specific needs. Unfortunately, some support you really well in some ways, but they may drop the ball in others. Weigh your options and be clear about what you need.

Let’s look at a few of the leading plumbing dispatch software solutions:


Jobber focuses on automated scheduling and technician management. This plumbing software provides solutions for scheduling, invoicing, and customer service. It even provides marketing options. Jobber dispatch software stands out with its client communication programs. 


  • Offers streamlined professional digital quotes
  • Emergency work orders assigned to the closest technician
  • Progress tracking for each crew member while they’re on the job
  • Compatible with QuickBooks and Stripe
  • Promotes a 14-day free trial


  • Low-quality mobile app experiences reported by multiple users

Price Point:

Service Fusion

Service Fusion offers premium field service management and tracking software. With an efficient mobile app, this software caters to technicians. 

The app offers rapid communication with clients. It also boasts updated schedules, GPS tracking, and a simple payment system. The app offers customers an easy way to navigate quotes, scheduling, and communication.


  • Advanced field tracking software
  • E-sign capabilities for estimates and billing
  • Offers the best mobile experience 
  • Access for employees and clients
  • Compatible with QuickBooks


  • Slightly high monthly price

Price Point:

·  $126, $186, or $339 per month

Service Titan

Service Titan offers advanced dispatching software. This software also has a library of business information. These features can help educate users on how to boost business using dispatch software. 

The software itself focuses primarily on scheduling and technician management. 

Service Titan offers scheduling, request tracking, invoicing, and client communication and management.


  • Focuses on scheduling and management of technicians
  • Convenient customer-facing software
  • Compatible with QuickBooks
  • “Pro” options are available for added functions


  • Minimal customer support

Price Point: 

  • Custom quote is required

Field Edge

Field Edge dispatching software focuses mostly on scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. It’s a great option for simple client management and keeping track of billing. 

It has a streamlined client management feature. This allows techs access to all previous client information. 



  • No GPS features or route optimization

Price Point:

  • Available through custom quote

It’s important to consider which features are the most necessary for your business. The right plumbing software will offer features compatible with your business needs.

Whatever you choose should be easy to use. But it should also provide beneficial features for your techs and customers. Features like customer history, invoicing functions, and on-the-job tracking can be really helpful.

5 Ways Dispatch Software Can Help Your Plumbing Business 


Staying competitive in a changing economy is crucial. There are over 480,600 licensed plumbers in the US. While plumbing is a reliable industry, that creates a lot of competition. Dispatch software offers high-level features to help your business stand out.

Software allows your plumbing company to access premium field management from anywhere. It can help keep operating costs down while also improving customer experience. This seems like a win-win scenario. And it doesn’t stop there.

Here are some of the ways that your plumbing company may see benefits:

Customer Satisfaction

According to recent studies, businesses that offer a quality customer experience see a high return in revenue. Efficient, automated, and organized dispatching can help meet customer demand. 

Many of these programs offer user-friendly apps. An app streamlines customer interaction. The easier things are for the customer, the happier they’ll be with your service.

These programs often have options for customer feedback and easy communication. They can even send automated “Thank-Yous” and appointment reminders. Customers may feel more valued and trusting of your business.

Cuts Operational Cost

Dispatch software can save your business money in a couple of ways. 

First, it can cut down on office operations. You’ll likely still need someone to manage the back end of things. But the right software can take on a large portion of that responsibility. 

Dispatch software can handle scheduling, freeing up time for other work. Instead of paying an employee to do this, you can use these programs.

Additionally, GPS tracking can save your business a lot of money in time and fuel. Employees can find the most fuel-efficient route. The software also group similarly located appointments. This way, your technicians aren’t putting in unnecessary miles.

Plumbing Employee Management

Dispatch software helps efficiently manage employees’ time. 

Not only can you keep track of employees, but business leaders can keep track of their progress on each job. 

Dispatching software offers solutions for overbooking and problem-solving. Any last-minute changes will be documented and easily solved. 

Preparing for Jobs in Advance

Some software features enable companies to better prepare for upcoming jobs. You’ll be able to see any inventory needs before they’re a problem. Scheduling conflicts can also be resolved before they happen. 

Not only does this make the job easier, but it will make the customer experience better as well.

Business Insights

The right software can offer data and insight into your business operations. Many of these programs collect data on sales, customer satisfaction, and employee performance. This data is known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Plumbing companies can use KPIs to help improve business. Data should be easy to understand. Simple graphs and charts are best. Business owners of all experience levels should be able to use the information.

KPIs can show where your business is thriving. You’ll also see where you might need extra attention. Business leaders can use this data to improve productivity.

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