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The Top 6 Woman-Owned Plumbing Companies in the U.S. 

Woman-owned plumbing companies are a vital part of the modern plumbing industry. Here are 6 of the most successful woman-owned plumbing companies operating in the field today.

Meagen Webb

Guest Contributor

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Woman-owned plumbing companies are a vital part of the modern plumbing industry. These companies provide services and opportunities for clients and diverse plumbing apprentices. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the current state of the industry. We’ll also look at 6 successful woman-owned plumbing companies in the field today. 

Women in Plumbing and Other Industries in 2022 

Gender equality has made significant progress in American entrepreneurship and the wider workforce. 

In 2021, 49% of new U.S. businesses were woman-led, up from only 28% two years earlier. In the same year, the percentage of women in the workforce rose to 47%. The workforce now sees more than 56% of all American women in employment according to plumbing industry statistics.

This is great news. 

However, the plumbing industry still has considerable ground to cover. According to plumbing industry trends, 3.5% of American plumbers are women, and this figure has actually fallen in recent years. These female plumbers are likely to earn an annual salary around $5,000 less than men. 

With this in mind, woman-owned plumbing companies are particularly important. Female plumbers and businesspeople serve as beacons for young and talented women. 

These women might otherwise feel excluded from the industry.  

Woman-owned companies are helping to bring us closer to gender equality. Though we still have a considerable gap to close. 

6 of the Best Woman-Owned Plumbing Companies in the Country Right Now 

Take a look at our list of some of the top woman-owned plumbing companies operating in the U.S. today. 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a franchise-based organization with branches across the United States. 

The company’s nationwide coverage is impressive. They can deliver local services with quality and reliability all over the country. 

What Makes Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Special? 

  • A local focus, backed by a nationwide company structure 
  • A commitment to punctuality and getting the job done in a single trip in 90% of cases 
  • Good relationships with partners, ideal for clients with more complex requirements 

Owner: Keresa Richardson 

Website: benjaminfranklinplumbing.com 

Milestone Plumbing 

Milestone Plumbing calls upon years of experience and expertise. They deliver services across the Greater Milwaukee area. 

The owner grew the company by combining her plumbing knowledge with business acumen. 

What Makes Milestone Plumbing Special? 

  • Plumbing is a big part of the Cannizzaro family’s history 
  • A strong reputation for customer satisfaction across Greater Milwaukee 
  • A focus on excellence and a complete service, from installation to ongoing maintenance 

Owner: Jessie Cannizzaro 

Website: milestoneplumbinginc.com 

American Drain Works and Plumbing Company 

American Drain Works provide plumbing and other services across West Los Angeles.  

The team prides itself on a positive attitude and success for clients, even on difficult jobs. 

What Makes American Drain Works and Plumbing Company Special? 

  • More than 10 years of experience in this field 
  • A complete set of services covering water, drainage, natural gas, and more 
  • Well-loved by customers, with a large number of positive reviews to back this up 

Owner: Connie DePaepe 

Website: americandrainworks.com 

Female Plumber Using a Wrench

Village Plumbing 

Village Plumbing has been serving the Houston area for more than 75 years. 

The Village team provides clients with what they need, such as water, gas, air, and HVAC services. 

What Makes Village Plumbing Special? 

  • A range of benefits for customers, including leading warranties and maintenance plans 
  • A hand-picked team, with every job, backed 100% by owner Monica Ryan 
  • Multi-award-winning services, with strong write-ups in the local press 

Owner: Monica Ryan 

Website: villageplumbing.com 

Andersen Plumbing, Heating & Air 

Formed in 1978, Anderson serves the whole of the San Diego County area. 

The company has won many awards for the quality of its service and for its company ethos. 

What Makes Andersen Plumbing, Heating & Air Special? 

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, backed by industry-leading warranties 
  • Flexible financing options and affordable pricing 
  • A commitment to punctuality across the service area 

Owner: Jean Andersen 

Website: andersonplumbingheatingandair.com 

Journeymen Plumbers Local 55 

Not a plumbing company in its own right, this union is a crucial asset to the industry.  

The United Association of Journeyman has been serving this field since 1889. The Local 55 offers important representation for women plumbers in Cleveland and beyond.  

They also protect the rights of all stakeholders in this industry. 

What Makes Journeymen Plumbers Local 55 Special? 

  • A long history of serving the industry, stretching back to the 19th century 
  • Support for all members of the plumbing industry in the local area 
  • An active union with a busy schedule of events and discussions 

Owner: Doreen Cannon 

Website: plumbers55.com 

Female Plumber on the Job Site

Increasing Representation for Women in the Industry 

The 6 organizations we’ve looked at are a small part of the broader industry. But they represent very important part of a larger move toward diversity. 

These 6 companies demonstrate the increasing influence of women in this field. More than that, they are spearheading moves toward gender equality and representation. 

That’s a very good thing. 

Meagen’s content experience includes technical writing and general editing. When she’s not writing, she’s often reading. And when she’s not reading, she’s embracing that Granny Chic lifestyle—collecting antiques, bird watching, and cross-stitching.

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