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4 Social Media Tips for Growing a Pest Control Business

Social media can transform your pest control company’s marketing strategy. It just takes the right approach. Here are our best tips for getting the most out of your social media marketing.

Social media can transform your pest control company’s marketing strategy. It just takes the right approach.

Social media marketing can promote your services and generate leads. Plus, you can create a genuine, engaging connection with your customers. But only if you approach it with the right strategy.

In this article, we’ll first explore why social media is a must for local pest control companies. Then, we’ll dive into 4 essential tips for social media marketing success. This is our best quick-fire advice forturning your social media feeds into lead generation machines. 

Let’s get started.

Why Pest Control Companies Need Social Media Marketing

Worldwide, 4.7 billion people use social media. Each person spends an average of 2 hours and 28 minutes per day scrolling through their feeds.

Facebook, a social media pioneer since its inception, is the most widely used platform.

The numbers paint a compelling picture. Social media is a part of our lives. There’s no doubt about that.

But how does this popularity translate into sales for your pest control company?

Consider the following.

Your target market uses social media.

Pest control companies like yours are geared toward home and business owners.

In the United States, the average homebuyer is 45 years old. But about 25% of buyers are in their 30s. More than 8 in 10 adults aged 30 to 49 are active social media users.

Younger consumers are on social media. Younger consumers are also in the market to buy homes and launch businesses. That overlap means there’s an opportunity to promote your business on social media.

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Your competition uses social media.

73% of marketers believe their social media efforts have been somewhat or very effective for their business.

In all likelihood, your top competitors are already using social media. It’s what the top marketing experts all recommend.

If your competition is there and you’re not, you’re missing out.

Social media influences our spending.

Social media isn’t just for connecting with friends and family. Folks are increasingly turning to Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok to make purchasing decisions.

In fact, 75% of internet users turn to social media for product research. That means 3 out of 4 of your potential customers will spend money based on what they learn on networks like Facebook.

Whatever your personal feelings about social media, it influences how your potential customers spend their hard-earned money.

Social media plays a crucial role in the customer experience.

The success of any service business hinges on customer experience. That’s as true for pest control as any other service-based business.

Today, 89% of businesses compete based on customer experience. Not only that, but 73% of consumers claim customer experience is a deciding factor when purchasing a product or service.

Social media is now an integral facet of the customer experience.

If your business isn’t present or active, you lose out on opportunities to delight your customers. This could all too easily result in lost business.

To illustrate this point, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a business to friends and family following a positive experience with a brand on social media.

Our Best Social Media Tips for Pest Control Companies

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for pest control companies. That much is clear.

But turning your posts on Facebook and Instagram into real-world customers isn’t always straightforward.

Here are our best tips for getting the most out of your social media marketing.

1. Avoid generic imagery.

Authenticity. It’s what sets social media apart from other marketing tactics.

Or, at least, it should.

People want to buy from people. Shiny corporate logos, pretty though they may be, simply don’t sell.

Social media is the perfect place to let your team’s personality shine through.

Avoid posting generic images or stock photos if at all possible. Instead, ask team members to snap photos on the job. They can highlight an innovative pest control solution. Or you can celebrate an employee’s achievement.

The goal is simple. Keep it personal and focus on developing a genuine connection with your audience.

2. Tell stories with video.

85% of social media users want more videos from the brands they follow. Think about that for a moment. Your potential customers want you to share videos with them.

That presents you with an incredible opportunity.

A 30-second video can work wonders. It’s an easy way to boost engagement on social media. You already know your potential customers want more videos. When you share videos on your social media feeds, you’re giving them exactly what they want.

Not sure what to film? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A quick explanation of a pest control product or service
  • Client testimonials
  • An edited day in the life of one of your technicians
  • An overview of your company values
  • A short introduction to one of your team members

You don’t have to be a professional videographer, either. A short video shot with your smartphone will work just fine. (Just be sure you have the customer’s permission before sharing video that includes their property.)

You do need to keep one key thing in mind. Most people watch videos on social media with no sound. So, be sure to add captions.

Instagram, for example, has an in-built feature that automatically captions your videos. Not only will this hold the attention of people with their phones on silent, but it also makes your content more accessible.

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3. Keep an eye on your performance.

You’d never go on a road trip without a map, a navigation app, or both. But trying to grow your social audience without data is the same thing. (Smart marketers make the mistake of overlooking data analysis all the time.)

Tip #3 is dead simple. Use your map.

All social media platforms give you access to some form of analytics. You can use that data to refine your approach and tailor your content.

Here are some metrics to pay attention to:

  • Engagement Rate—Your engagement rate includes likes, views, comments, and shares. Use this data to determine which types of content resonate most with your audience.
  • Followers—If your follower count suddenly jumps or dips, get to the bottom of why.
  • Message Response Time—When followers ask a question or comment directly on your posts, you need to reply. Aim to reply to messages within 24 hours.
  • Video Views & Watch Time—Use this info to create higher-quality video content that encourages viewers to watch for longer.

Data analysis is all about making strategic tweaks. Use what you learn from the data to dial in on exactly what your audience likes.

4. Promote your social media handles.

Some customers will find your business directly on social media. But for many, your website or printed marketing materials will be their first touchpoint.

So, use every opportunity to promote your social media handles and grow your audience.

Here are some of the most important places to include your handle:

  • Website
  • Email signature
  • Business cards
  • Mailbox flyers
  • Posters

If possible, ensure your handles are consistent across all platforms. It’s best if they’re an exact (or close) match to your business name. That way, prospects actively looking for your social media accounts can easily find them.

Grow Your Pest Control Business with Social Media

Your clients and prospects expect your business to be on social media. It may not be your thing. That’s fair. But it is your customers’ thing.

If you’re not already taking advantage of social media’s marketing potential, now’s the time to start.

And if you’re ready to dive in right now, here are a few things you can do today to get the ball rolling:

  • Decide on one social media platform to start with. Social media marketing is a lot. It can feel overwhelming. It might be helpful to start with just one platform. So, pick a platform today.
  • Create your first business social media account. If you don’t already have a social media presence for your company, set up that first account right now. Be sure to include your company logo, a basic description of your pest control services, and contact information.
  • Talk to your team. If social media’s not your thing, it’s possible someone else on your team will be up for taking the lead here. Talk to your team. See if anyone else has experience managing a social media account. You might already have a marketing resource right under your nose that you don’t know about.
  • Draw up a rough social media calendar for the next month. Plan out how many posts you want to do per week. Then pick a theme or core message for each week. From there, you can decide on the message for each post. If you break your calendar down like this each month, it’s far easier to plan ahead.

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