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The Best 9 Commercial Cleaning Fans 

Carpet cleaning fans are an important type of equipment for professional carpet cleaners. Learn how a quality carpet drying fan can help your business bring in more revenue.

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Carpet cleaning fans are an important type of equipment for professional carpet cleaners. Learn how a quality carpet drying fan can help your business bring in more revenue.  

To select a quality fan, read our recommendations for the best commercial cleaning fans. And use our checklist when shopping for air movers to find the right fans for your unique needs. 

The Importance of Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning Fans 

Your equipment as a carpet cleaner is a reflection of your business. You want to choose the best equipment possible to make a good impression on your clients. 

It’s not just the look or cost of the equipment that people are judging. It’s how well your business uses those tools to provide the desired results. 

One of the key tools in carpet cleaning is your fan. Why would a top-quality fan make a difference? Let’s look at a few reasons. 

Fast and Thorough Drying 

Leaving a carpet damp—or worse, wet—is a major aggravation for clients who hire carpet cleaners. Peruse online reviews for your competitors, and you’ll see. 

A large percentage of customers who are satisfied with carpet cleaning services mention fast drying times. 

The opposite is true as well. When customers are unhappy with their carpet cleaners, they often mention slow drying. They’ll talk about how later that night, or even the next day, the carpet is still damp. 

No one wants to walk around in squishy carpeting. Damp carpeting can make whole rooms of the house unusable for days at a time. 

It could potentially ruin a customer’s expensive footwear. How would they deal with an infant who needs to crawl on the carpet or young kids who sit on the floor? 

Greater Cleaning Efficiency 

Damp or wet carpeting is more than just a nuisance or aesthetic concern. It can affect the efficacy of your cleaning. 

If a client walks around on a moist carpet, they may leave stains, undoing all the work you just did. The damp carpet attracts and holds onto dirt more than a dry carpet does. 

It can wind up looking like you never did any cleaning at all. Customers don’t want to pay for carpet cleaning that leaves the carpet looking dirty a few days later. 

Additionally, wet carpet can generate unpleasant odors. Dampness encourages the growth of mold and mildew. These can both leave pungent and musty smells in your clients’ homes. 

Mold and mildew also aggravate allergies and asthma. You don’t want your clients or their household members getting sick from these conditions caused by incomplete carpet drying. Even pets can become ill from these allergens. 

Commercial and Residential Client Satisfaction 

It doesn’t matter whether you clean carpets for commercial or residential customers. Satisfaction is vital to the health of your business. 

Your results are what get you good reviews online and word-of-mouth recommendations for new business. You can’t pay enough for this kind of free advertising. 

Referrals have a 30% higher conversion rate for cleaning businesses. Even better, positive online reviews can result in an 18% increase in sales. This translates to up to 28% more revenue per year. 

Carpet drying time has a considerable influence on your end product. Therefore, to get the referrals you want, you need to make drying time as quick as possible. 

How do you do that? Choose the right fan for the job. Also known as air movers, these machines will help carpets dry quicker. 

Carpet cleaning van

Key Features of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Fans 

How do you know which fans are worth your money and will get you those coveted top results? Here are some features to look for when purchasing a fan for your carpet cleaning business: 

Heavy-Duty Construction for High Usage 

Commercial carpet cleaning fans need to be made for constant use nearly every day of the week. Regular old box fans meant for keeping you cool in the summer won’t cut it. 

The air movers you want look industrial because they’re built for professional use. They sit low to the ground with an outlet that directs air right where you want it. 

Commercial carpet cleaning fans also have thick outer casings. These are meant to withstand bumping and being transported from one client to another. They usually have a handle on top for easy moving. 

Some even have wheels to make relocation that much simpler. As you might have guessed, these fans are on the heavy side. Most weigh in somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds. 

We’ll talk about cord length and motors below. But know that these elements also contribute to the heavy-duty nature of these air movers. 

Airflow Capacity 

Commercial carpet drying fans have a much higher airflow capacity than regular fans. Every fan should be marked with the airflow capacity, given in terms of CFM (cubic feet per minute). 

In general, carpet drying fans have airflows ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 CFM. For the fastest drying times, look for fans rated for 3,000 CFM. 

Adjustable Speed Settings 

Carpet drying times will vary based on the carpet’s fibers and thickness, as well as the humidity on any given day. So, you want different speed settings to tailor drying to your needs. 

Most professional air movers have two or three fan speed levels to accommodate this. 

Portability and Maneuverability 

As mentioned previously, these fans can be heavy at around 30 pounds. Most models do have a handle on top to help with moving them. 

Where you really see the difference in maneuverability is in cord length. Some fans only have 10-foot cords, while others have cords as long as 25 or 30 feet. 

The latter helps you move fans around without having to unplug them. Longer cords are also ideal for spaces with limited electrical outlets. 


You’ll see as you start shopping for carpet cleaning fans that their motors have different horsepower ratings. The motor is what drives the fan mechanism. 

The higher the horsepower, the more powerfully the fan can operate. Most fans run on a fraction of 1 horsepower, but a few go up to 1 full horsepower. 

Always check the power required too. This will be given in amps (amperes). Most fans draw just a few amps, so you shouldn’t exceed the power rating for any outlet. 

However, if using a fan triggers the circuit breaker to cut power, you’ve exceeded the power supply for that circuit (aka “overloaded” the circuit). This can occasionally happen in situations where you’re cleaning or drying carpets after a flood or storm. There can be problems with the electrical supply on the property or regionally. 

How much electricity do air movers use to run? Some clients may be concerned about this. Use this formula to calculate it: 

  1. Amps × voltage = watts per hour 
  1. Watts / 1,000 = kilowatts per hour (kWh) 
  1. Kilowatts × cost per kWh = hourly cost of operation 

The cost per kWh is given on the client’s electrical utility bill and varies by location and often time of day. 

Commercial fan drying concrete floor

The Best 9 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Fans 

We used the criteria discussed above in making our recommendations for the best commercial carpet cleaning fans. We also considered these factors: 

  • Brand reputation and customer service 
  • Reliability with continuous industrial use 
  • Cost-effectiveness and value for price 
  • Individual features for convenience or efficacy 
  • Reviews by commercial carpet cleaners 

You want carpet cleaning fan manufacturers to stand behind their products and respond quickly if there’s a problem. These fans run all day sometimes, so they need to be designed for industrial utilization. 

Value is somewhat subjective. A fan can cost a lot but let you work more efficiently, so it’s worth the higher price. You need to decide what features are worth paying for and which are bells and whistles you don’t need. 

Soleaire Max Storm 1/2 HP Durable Lightweight Air Mover Carpet Dryer 

Professional carpet cleaners like this model for its affordability and higher output, at 2,550 CFM. 

Other top features include: 

  • Three operating angles for different needs 
  • 25-foot power cord 
  • Long five-year warranty 

The main downside with this machine is that it only has two speeds. But for commercial use, it may be a good entry-level option. 

DEWALT Air Mover Carpet Dryer 

DEWALT has long had a fantastic reputation for producing power tools, so you know they are a name you can rely on. 

This model of carpet dryer is perfect for the busy professional on the go. It comes with wheels and a long handle to make moving the dryer faster and easier. 

The DEWALT air mover has a ¾ horsepower motor, which is quite powerful. A three-year warranty and 30-foot power cord make this one attractive too. 

With that motor, could the maker have made this to handle a higher airflow? Some users think so, believing 1,800 CFM max is on the low side. 

Tornado Windshear 3200 Safety Drying Fan 

Want to really get some air moving? This model has a top air output of 3,200 CFM. That’s about the highest most pros need. 

It offers three speeds and a stackable construction. The long handle and wheels make this model easy to cart around. Users like the attached “caution wet floor” warning sign on the retractable handle. 

The motor of the Tornado is rated for continuous use and comes with a two-year warranty. 

There aren’t a lot of negatives about this fan other than the price. It’s not terrible at around $300, but it will still cost about two or three times the price of lower-level models. 

OdorStop Air Mover Carpet Dryer 

This is a high-end option that will move air at a rate of 2,800 CFM. The powerful motor has ¾ horsepower of output. 

It’s a rugged, heavy-duty model with a handy 25-foot power cord. It features three speed settings and has two electrical outlets on the front for linking other fans. 

This carpet fan comes out in the middle price-wise at approximately $300. That makes it a popular choice for cleaning businesses for what they get. 

What users don’t like? The super short warranty of only 30 days. A lot of things can go wrong with a fan after just 60 or 90 days. The 30-day window is very short and not standard for the industry. 

BlueDri MiniStorm Compact Air Mover Carpet Dryer 

Why use more air power than you need to for small jobs? This reasonably priced carpet fan is perfect for drying small rooms, like dens, nurseries, and converted porches. 

You’ll like having a few of these to throw in the van for small surface areas. At under $50 each, you can add a few to your equipment list without it hurting your budget. 

Users rave about these pluses: 

  • Motor of ½ horsepower 
  • Long five-year warranty 
  • Compact construction 
  • Adjustable angles 

There’s not a lot of flexibility with this fan, however. It’s strictly for little jobs. The cord is only 10 feet long, and the output is a lower 380 CFM. 

B-Air VP-50 Air Mover 

This item is listed for a multitude of tasks: 

  • Room carpet cleaning 
  • Hospitality spills cleaning 
  • Janitorial usage 
  • Water damage remediation 

Compact but powerful, the fan is liked by users for its 2,950 CFM output and 25-foot power cord. It has three different angles and can be stacked four units high. 

It was designed for use in high-moisture environments, so wear and corrosion due to water infiltration are minimized. 

The price is on the lower end of the spectrum, at about $230. Some users said they’d rather pay a bit more for this model, though, and get a more durable casing for general wear and tear. 

Dri-Eaz Velo Low Profile Air Mover 

If you’re looking for a low-profile model, this one gets high reviews from carpet cleaners. 

Check out these specs: 

  • 885 CFM airflow max 
  • Variable speed offered by the pro version 
  • Stackable 
  • Low power demand at 1.9 amps (can chain 6 units) 
  • Reasonable weight at just over 21 pounds 

You’re definitely paying for the convenience here, though, not airflow. At nearly $400, this won’t be as powerful as some other models listed here. 

Maxx Air 2-Speed Low Profile High Velocity Floor Drying Fan 

For higher air output at a lower price tag, this model is a solid low-profile alternative to the Dri-Eaz above. It’s a little taller, but with 1,600 CFM airflow, you’ll get the power you crave. 

Unlike most air movers, which are blue, this one is yellow. That makes it more visible in low-light situations, so it’s less of a tripping hazard. 

At over 28 pounds, this is a heavier fan. But it has three speeds and slip-resistant feet. The price is right for most carpet cleaning businesses at around $255. 

Are there downsides to this model? The cord is on the shorter side at 14 feet long. And the warranty is shorter too. It’s one year—not terrible, but not as long as other models either. 

Focal Point Axial Air Mover 

This fan is a little different from the others mentioned here. Those are centrifugal fans, with the air output focused along the floor. 

As an axial fan, the Focal Point Axial Air Mover looks more like a traditional fan. It’s ideal for carpet cleaning after water damage, where the nearby building structure may also be damp. 

Users like that you can space air movers like this a little further apart than centrifugal ones. Other things professionals admire about this particular model include: 

  • 3,000 CFM air stream for high levels of air output 
  • Only draws 2.5 amps for multiple units on the same circuit 
  • Air velocities sustained over 22.5 feet 

You’ll pay for this unique design and high power, though. Expect to shell out roughly $600 for this machine. 

Fan drying carpet

Top Takeaway Tips for Selecting a Commercial Cleaning Fan

  • Your budget will be a key factor in what fans you can purchase. Divide your total budget by the number of fans you need, assuming you will need at least a few. The result is the average of what you can spend on each fan.

  • You will probably need a few different types of fans for different jobs. For instance, you don’t need the same power to dry a carpet in a small living room as you do in the lobby of a doctor’s office. You may be able to spend less on a few fans in order to purchase a couple of more powerful ones for bigger jobs.

  • Be sure to look at return policies and warranties, in case a fan you purchase doesn’t work out. Will the company provide an immediate replacement? Will they perform quick repairs? You don’t want to be without a major piece of equipment, as that affects your ability to work

  • If storage and transport space are at a premium, look for stackable fans. They not only take up less room, but they also reduce the number of trips from your vehicle at jobs. 

  • Some air movers have nice features, like built-in “wet floor” signs. Others have their own electrical outlets, so you can “daisy chain” (connect) multiple fans. Look for the features that would maximize efficiency for your business. The more efficiently you can operate, the more you increase your ability to pull in revenue and increase profits. 

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